Getting Dentures


We can lose our natural teeth for many reasons. Made from acrylic, stainless steel and chrome cobalt, dentures are custom designed to fit your mouth and will look just like your real teeth.

  • Complete dentures | Polident

    Find out more about the process of fitting complete dentures and how having full dentures can give you a more confident outlook, on the Polident website.
  • What are partial dentures? | Polident

    Visit the Polident website to explore the difference between partial dentures and complete dentures, with advice on how to look after your partials.
  • How much do dentures cost?

    Check out our guide to the cost of dentures, what materials are used and how to maintain them, on the Polident® website.
  • What to expect when getting your first denture

    Find out what you should expect when being fitted for your first denture, and some useful tips to help you get used to life with dentures.
  • Wearing your dentures comfortably

    A Polident guide to wearing your dentures comfortably - with tips on when to remove them and getting used to eating with dentures.
  • Advice on talking with dentures

    Over time you'll get used to talking with dentures. Read our top tips on improving your speech with Polident.

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