What are temporary dentures?

Temporary dentures are dentures that can be fitted straight after your teeth have been removed – also called immediate dentures. They are an option to help you carry on as normal whilst waiting for your new permanent dentures to be fitted.

They may be recommended by your dentist to help ease your mouth into wearing a denture, or if you have previously had issues with sensitive teeth or gums. By reducing the pressure on your remaining natural teeth when eating, temporary dentures will let your mouth heal without you needing to make any major changes to your lifestyle.

Read our guide on what you can expect during the temporary dentures process.

Impressions and mould

If you choose to take up the option of temporary dentures, the creation process is exactly the same as when you will have your permanent dentures fitted. However, with a temporary denture, you will have the moulds of inside your mouth and your biting impression taken before you have any teeth removed, so they are ready straight after your procedure. Your new denture will be moulded once your gums have completely healed – usually around six to eight weeks later.

Give it time

It is completely normal for your mouth, tongue and gums to feel slightly uncomfortable with the denture in your mouth at first. Your dentist can offer you advice if any discomfort or problems persist, as well as suggest products that should aid the bedding-in process – such as a denture fixative – or make adjustments if needed.

Letting you, be you

The key benefit of having a temporary denture is simple – it allows you to live your life as normal, straight after the tooth removal. You can get back to eating the foods you love, without putting too much pressure on your remaining natural teeth. As soon as your permanent dentures are ready, you will already have the experience of wearing a denture – something that will be beneficial during the early stages.

Temporary dentures will allow you to confidently live your life in the immediate future after any tooth removal. And as soon as your new permanent dentures are ready, you'll be able to showcase that new smile.

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