〈 Eat, speak and smile with confidence 〉

We want you to live a confident life with dentures, enjoy your favourite foods, laugh out loud and get close to your loved ones.  Let the science behind the world's number #1 selling denture care brand* look after your dentures, so you can enjoy life's little moments everyday. 

About Polident

Polident offers denture care products to help improve comfort, hygiene & oral health of anyone who wears a full or partial dentures. 
Polident denture fixative uses our scientific expertise to provide a strong hold for dentures. Because dentures stay in place all day long - you need not worry about them and can eat, speak or smile with confidence

*Based on total worldwide Retail Value Sales data, 12 months ending December 2019.

About the site

The Polident website is a resource designed for people who wear full or partial dentures, people looking to learn and share experiences about dentures and to provide useful advice and support to friends and relatives of people who wear dentures. It helps to talk through your thoughts and concerns, and we want to offer you that support network.