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Polident Denture Fixative

Our denture fixative or adhesive product provides a 3D hold that secures and seals your dentures. This seal helps keep food particles out and provide a firm lasting hold. Because your dentures stay in place all day long*,1,2 – you can get on with enjoying life without worrying about your dentures.

*12 hours is considered equivalent to all day
1. Norman, R.D., ‘Evaluation of the retentive properties of a Gantrez cream adhesive (formula 097-792), Gantrez cream pump adhesive formula (097-951) and current Super Poligrip’, GSK study 143(1988).
2. Norman, R.D., ‘Efficacy study of a denture adhesive to reduce denture dislodgement while eating corn on the cob or apples’, GSK study 406(1990).