At the end of the day it’s good practice to remove your dentures (which are also referred to as false teeth) to give your mouth and gums a rest and your dentures a good clean. You should aim to take your dentures out for between four to eight hours every day, and they should be cleaned twice a day, just like your natural teeth, to keep them in the best shape.

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How to remove dentures

  • Fill a bowl with water so your dentures don’t break if you accidentally drop them.
  • Place your thumb or fingers between the upper denture and your cheek, and press down gently where the denture meets the gums. You should try to use even amounts of pressure to loosen your denture.
  • When removing your lower denture, place your thumb and fingers on either side of the denture and rock them gently, pulling your dentures to loosen them.
  •  Practice makes perfect so you’ll soon work out how to remove dentures easily and safely.
  • You should also follow the advice given to you by your dentist

Once removed, if you are not going to wear your dentures again that day, they should be stored in water or in a denture cleansing tablet solution so they do not dry out. You should always follow the instructions as directed on the pack.
With a little bit of practice and patience, removing your dentures will become easier and you’ll soon get into the routine; if you have any questions in the meantime your dentist will be happy to help.