For many, dentures are just a part of everyday life and if your dentist has advised you to consider dentures, you are not alone. Millions of people wear dentures, helping them to eat, speak and smile with confidence every day.

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Between visits to the dentist and the time taken to adjust if you are new to dentures, knowing what to expect throughout the process can help ease any potential worries from your mind. Here’s a guide to what you can expect during the process:

Fitting your denture

When your dentures are being fitted, the following steps are likely to take place:

  • Tooth removal: Your dentist will take you through the steps, explain what to expect, and can also offer advice for the period afterwards to keep you feeling comfortable and fully informed, if you need to have any teeth removed.
  • Impression: Moulds of your mouth will be taken in order to create a denture that’s tailored to you.
  • Bite moulds: Wax blocks are used to check that your biting action is comfortable. You may also be asked to choose the shape and colour of your new teeth at this point.
  • Wax models: Your new teeth are set in wax, helping you get a better idea of how your final denture will look and work.
  • Fitting: Your final denture is fitted and you will be given instructions about how you should care for it.

When you go for a consultation to discuss the look and feel of your new denture, it might be worth taking a loved one along for support. Taking some old photographs along with you can also help you to choose a set that match your natural teeth, helping you feel like you again.
If you decide to get fitted with an immediate denture after your teeth have been removed, your dentist will be able to give advice on this.

Adapting to dentures

Once your denture is fitted, it may feel strange at first, but this is normal and your mouth, tongue and facial muscles will get used to it. Everyday tasks such as eating and speaking, may take a little practice but take it slow and you’ll be back to yourself in no time. Depending on the need, your dentist may advise you on products such as denture fixative - that will have you feeling a lot more confident while wearing your denture.

How long does it take to get dentures?

It may only take a few months from your first appointment to the day where you’ll feel at ease with your new dentures. You should expect to make four or five appointments with your dentist over a period of three to six weeks, but this does vary from person to person.

By making regular dentist appointments after your dentures are fitted, this will help to ensure they stay in good condition, along with the rest of your mouth.

Having your dentures fitted offers plenty of benefits and the process isn’t as complicated as you might imagine.