How much do dentures cost?

Now you’re going to have dentures fitted, you might be thinking about when and where to have treatment, and how much it will cost. The cost of dentures will depend on a number of different things, such as what treatment you need, what materials your dentures are made from and where you can get treatment.

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Types of denture

Dentures can be made up of different materials based on the type you go for. Depending on whether you’ve had all or some of your teeth removed, the kind of dentures you are fitted for will vary, as will the price.
Denture bases are usually made from a rigid acrylic, which you help to form by having moulded impressions of your mouth taken during a visit to the dentist. This ensures that you can wear your denture as a comfortable fit.
Partial dentures are made from a mix of acrylic and a small amount of metal, which is used to help clasp it in place inside your mouth. The bases of some partial dentures are made from a more flexible type of thermoplastic such as nylon – this can be a more expensive method but can look and feel more natural.
The teeth on dentures are usually made from plastic or acrylic. You may prefer to have them made from porcelain, although this can cost more.

Other factors

The profile of the dentist, work that is needed to be done and the amount of follow up appointments are some of the other factors which determine the total cost of your dentures.

To make sure you get the right dentures for you, your dentist will be able to advise on the best plan and denture type depending on your budget, as some options may cost more than others.