Dentures (also referred to sometimes as artificial teeth or false teeth by people) can give you a smile you will want to show off, however you may prefer an alternative replacement depending on your needs. Instead, you could choose dental implants or bridges, but it’s a personal choice and one that your dentist will be able to offer plenty of advice on before you make your decision.

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Dental implants are a common way to replace missing teeth. You may prefer them, as they look and feel just like natural teeth because of the way they’re fitted. Implants are made up of a combination of titanium and other body-friendly materials, and take the form of posts placed in the upper or lower jaw during surgery. The teeth are made of either porcelain or acrylic.
If you’re thinking about dental implants, your dentist will be able to tell you whether your gums are healthy enough and your jawbone strong enough to support the posts , so talk to them about your options.

You should bear in mind that if you go with dental implants, you may need to undergo surgery more than once. Your dentist can advise you on each step of the treatment so you can be clear of what’s involved.


Fixed dental bridges are made from metal, ceramics and porcelain and are cemented or bonded into place, filling the space where one or more of your teeth are missing. If you’re considering having a dental bridge fitted, you may need to make several visits to the dentist, so it can be fitted and then cemented once you’re completely happy with the fit. Removable bridges may also be an option for you to consider, so chat to your dentist about which type will best suit you, once they’ve checked the condition of your gums and remaining teeth.

Of course, once your dental implants or bridges are fitted, it’s always recommended you adopt a good cleaning routine to keep your mouth feeling at its freshest.

You may be given all the information you need about how you can replace missing teeth with implants and bridges, and still decide to opt for dentures because they’re better suited to your needs. Whatever you decide, and it’s down to personal preference, you can rest assured that you’ll get back to feeling like you in no time at all.